Welcome Home

1st Sunday Back May 31st!

Welcome home!

Well, it is with great joy that we announce the re-opening of our on-site worship service scheduled for Sunday May 31 at 10am. The Mission Bookstore and Rio Cafe will also be open!

*Please note that Mission Kids will not be reopening at this time. We encourage families to sit and enjoy the service together.*

Here, in brief, are the practices outlined by the VCMA and recognized by the County Health Office along with our response:

1. Increased cleaning and sanitation before, between, and after public gatherings.


The Mission’s response:  Over the last several weeks, our cleaning crews have deep cleaned our entire facility. The carpets and chairs in the Main Auditorium (MA) have been shampooed and common surfaces have been sanitized. The practice of sanitizing surfaces will continue after every gathering.

A hand sanitizing station or stations will also be set up for your convenience.


2. Encouraging the practice of social distancing.


The Mission’s response:  In our MA, the chairs will be arranged in order to accommodate social distancing while still allowing families or couples who have been sheltering in place together to sit together. At this time, the size of our facility enables us to accomplish this without limiting the number of people in any given service.

The Rio Café will be open with adjusted access to accommodate your safety and the safety of the café workers.


3. Encouraging alternative forms of giving other than “passing the plate.”


The Missions response: There will be several places spaced around the MA for the deposit of tithes and offerings. As usual, online giving is always available.


4. Adjusting modes of participation in practices such as Communion.


The Missions response:  Regarding Communion, we have acquired individually packaged Communion supplies and these will be available in specified areas around the MA.

Other adjustments will be in place that will alter the way you are greeted when you enter the MA and the manner in which the ministry team will pray for you.


5. Extra precautions in Children’s ministry.


The Missions response:  Aggressive sanitation efforts have been made throughout the facility and will continue on a weekly basis. Every possible effort will be made to keep children safe, including limiting the number of children in each classroom.


6. Encouraging all congregants to operate with an attitude of love and consideration towards others.


The Missions response:  We are encouraging everyone to be sensitive to the concerns of others and refrain from hugging and handshakes. This is not only a way of honoring one another, but it is imperative for our ability to continue to hold public gatherings.

We ask that anyone not feeling physically well, has a condition that increases your risk of infection, or simply is uncomfortable in large gatherings to not attend the services but to participate on-line.

Because we understand that each of us have differing comfort levels and opinions regarding wearing face masks, you are welcome to determine your use of these safety measures. For the comfort of others, some of our staff and influencers will be wearing face masks and gloves, depending on their role.


7. Continuing to offer online worship options so all can be included and cared for.


The Missions response:  All our online ministries will continue into the future, including the live broadcasting of our services on Facebook and YouTube.

Now, along with all the practices stated above, here is what our first Sunday morning back on campus will look like. Consider this first Sunday a “soft opening.”


1. Everyone will be together in the Main Auditorium with no other classes or ministries functioning.


2. When you arrive, you will be handed a sheet that will outline our suggestions for keeping everyone safe during the morning.


3. Since our children will be in the service with us, it is imperative that children stay with their parents the entire time in the facility. There will be stations in the MA where parents can pick-up packets of creative resources for their young children’s enjoyment. You are also welcome to bring your own resources.

For those parents with infants that need some privacy, the infant rooms can be accessed from the lobby.


4. We will engage together in worship, led by the Mission worship community, and we will have targeted prayer for health, finances, and jobs/businesses.