Deeper School

The present move of the Spirit of God is gaining intensity and focus in the world around us. In order to reach the world, it will require training people to influence the world we live in. The Deeper School creates an atmosphere of love, encouragement, and Holy Spirit encounters that will equip believers to bring transformation within their God-given spheres of influence.

Mission Music Academy

Training and equipping our local community in musicianship, singing, songwriting and the arts.


Through a variety of modules crafted to advance believers at any point in their spiritual journey, we create an atmosphere where everyone can explore their prophetic gifts and expand their faith to exercise them.

Emerging Prophets

The School of Emerging Prophets is a Holy Spirit led coaching style school, where you can discover if you are called to be a prophet. This school is an encounter oriented, activation style training that equips you to know where your sphere of influence is, what kind of prophet you are, and teaches you the gifts and character needed to grow into a healthy and trustworthy new covenant prophet.