Desiring deeper connection? Are you looking for a place to grow in your spiritual development, personal relationships, and leadership skills? Well, look no further! Join us this September in our IGNITE School Ministry as we launch into exploring pathways for strengthening our mental, physical, and spiritual health in practical ways. As well as developing strategic discipleship and leadership skills. These 12 weeks will be a time packed full of teaching, engaging with one another, building relationships, and discovering the greater depths of God's heart for His sons and daughters. Don't come alone, bring a friend!

Emerging Prophets

The School of Emerging Prophets is a Holy Spirit led coaching style school, where you can discover if you are called to be a prophet. This school is an encounter oriented, activation style training that equips you to know where your sphere of influence is, what kind of prophet you are, and teaches you the gifts and character needed to grow into a healthy and trustworthy new covenant prophet.