The Mission - Davis

Raising up & sending out world changers!

Davis Campus

The Mission Davis Campus, similar to The Mission Vacaville Campus, has a passion to raise up and send out world changers.  A world-changer is one, who is captivated and consumed with love for Jesus. A world changer is one who lives deeply in intimacy with the love of His soul. They are people passionately in pursuit of Jesus.


We at the Davis campus are those people, people who live for the Presence. The Presence is Jesus, and we are intentional about living deeply in the heartbeat of the One who so radically adores us. The Presence of Jesus is not a side-issue; He is everything.  Our goal is to be in love with Him. To fall more, and more in love with Him. And then out of that place of His furious love-we love everyone without any limitations.

Community, family and relationship are huge priorities with Jesus.  “The Mission Davis is a collection of people who love Jesus and who build authentic relationship with each other and with Him. When we worship and pray and hang out, we are intentional about encountering the presence of God. Our hope is that everyone that comes will encounter the love of Jesus exactly how they need it.”

Davis Campus Pastors

Gary & Karissa Hopkins are our Davis Campus Pastors. They have been blessed with the Ephesians 4 gift of the pastoral anointing. This pastoral anointing manifests itself in love and acceptance. The prophetic part of them calls out the identity in others through this love. You can feel the warmth, belonging, and encouragement when you walk into the building.

Service Times

The Mission Davis location meets every Saturday night at 6:00pm

Locations and directions

The Mission Davis location is found at 646 A Street, 7th Street Entrance. Davis, CA 95616