Iron Men

A group of Men being the hands and feet of Jesus

Mission Statement

“As iron sharpens iron so should one man sharpen another” Prov 27:17. Iron Men come from every walk of life; we are fathers, husbands, brothers, friends, leaders, and mentors—each set apart for a specific kingdom purpose. We are warriors of a different kind, with our eyes set on nothing less than fulfilling Kingdom purposes here on earth. The Iron men are a brotherhood of believers who come together to teach, share, mentor, celebrate, and encourage one another.

Our Vision

As Iron Men, we will build unbreakable bonds of friendship between men of all ages, while having a good time. We’ll learn to fully grasp what it means to be equal heirs with Jesus Christ, we’ll share in the glory that God has for us, and we’ll celebrate our victories and encourage one another in life’s challenges. We’ll settle for nothing less than becoming the men that God has called us to be—salt of the earth and light to the world. We’ll look to one another and know, we will not fail and we will not falter, because we are the Iron Men.